1.  Is your ice cream vegan?

Yes, mylk products are all vegan friendly.

2.  Is your ice cream sugar-free?

Not all of our ice cream flavours are sugar-free.

We do have a selection of Xylitol sweetened options.
Sugar options are made with unrefined brown sugar, we do not use glucose or maltodextrine or powders.

3.  Is your chocolate fairtrade?

Yes, we only use fairtrade chocolate in our recipes.

4.  Is our packaging recyclable?

Our kraft cups are recyclable and eco friendly.  They are made from food-grade poly paper.
Our straws,spoons and mylkshake cups are fully biodegradable.
Our labels are currently not recyclable as these are laminated.

5.  What is your ice cream made out of?

We have various mylk bases in our store, such as coconut, coconut and cashew, oat or almond.
If you are buying instore whoever assists you will be able to tell you which base is used in each flavour.
If you are buying in a retail outlet this information will be on the label.

6  Where can I buy Mylk?

Check out our stockists

7.  Do you have any gluten free flavours?

We don’t add any gluten to our ice cream bases, but our cookie dough
does contain gluten. We work with gluten products in our facility.

8.  Where can I find nutrient and ingredient info?

Check out our Wicked Range for nutrient details

9.  I have a nut allergy, can I eat your ice cream?

Some flavours do not contain nuts but nuts are used in our facility.

10.  My grocer does not contain mylk?

Make a request to the manager at your grocer to contact us to stock our products.

11.  How long does ice cream last after opening?

It is best to eat your ice cream 2 weeks after opening.  Place wax paper against the ice cream after opening and freezing to prevent icy layers from forming.

12.  What is the best storage temperature of your ice cream?

Store ice cream at -18 degrees Celcius.  Best served at -16 degrees celcius.