About our product

Mylkco Ice Cream Company was started by a family passionate about compassionate living, plant-based food, and good ice cream.

We produce non-dairy ice cream that is free of nasties. We use various nut mylks to bring you an ice cream that mimics real dairy ice cream in smoothness and neutrality to be a vehicle for an array of flavours and textures. 

We have spent a great deal of time perfecting our products to bring you an ethical treat that you will love.


Started :  In 2016 in the Western Cape Heather and Monique started their ice cream Journey with their first business Coco Caju.  After 9 months of trial and error and some of the most disastrous attempts at turning nuts into ice-cream we decided to book our very first market, (crazy, YES), our product was barely ready but we needed a miracle.  Monique threw out everything we had learnt and went back to the drawing  board.  We had spent so many months breaking down the chemical structure of dairy ice cream into fats, carbs, sugars, solids, stabilizers, emulsifiers, water and air adding a % on here or there trying to apply this principle to non-dairy.  So what were we missing?  Monique worked through the night using intuition and ignoring the science, by the morning we had our miracle.

Our first market was a huge success we sold out within 3 hours.  Coco Caju went on for the next year and we met some amazing people along the way.  Sadly we needed to move to Johannesburg.  We took Coco Caju with us but we had no available avenues to sell our products without capital.  We sadly closed Coco Caju in 2018.

In 2019 we had managed to raise some funding to rebrand and reopen Coco Caju, we changed our name to MYLK. We could no longer manufacture in our current location and needed to think fast, we found a small space in Blairgowrie that would be perfect for manufacturing.  In December 2019 we signed our lease.  With limited capital Monique and Heather had to build a shop.  This was exceptionally daunting as we new nothing about shopfitting and this can become  a really costly exercise.

We had to build and paint everything ourselves.  When we started, the store still had remnants of the previous tenant which we had to pile into the center of the space and scuttle around with ladders and paint buckets.  Everyday we achieved a small milestone.  As we got closer to the end we realised we could never get this place up and running without help.  We reached out to family members and friends and they all pooled together and helped us turn what looked like an arts and craft project into our new home.   This unfortunately was short-lived as covid hit thereafter. This left us unable to use our new space and we were still in for all the expenses that came with it.  Most people laugh when we tell them we opened a shop during Covid 19 but to us this just proves that we can endure anything that is thrown our way, and that our product will survive a national disaster.  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to do what we love and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide high quality non-dairy mylk alternatives to a
niche market.  We will meet this goal while considering:

  • The effect of our products on the health and well-being of our
  • The impact our business practices have on the environment and
  • A high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding, and generosity
    between management, staff, customers and vendors.  *  Awareness of all
    these factors will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning
    beyond our basic financial goals.

Our Mission

MYLK ICE CREAM aims to provide a high quality, delicious but accessible product that can compete not only professionally but in flavour to top dairy brands available on retail shelves. We focus not only on ingredients but on flavour and quality and the end product.

Our Values

MYLK ICE CREAM values quality and consistency.

MYLK ICE CREAM has a moral and ethical commitment when sourcing raw ingredients and packaging; this needs to extend to our customers and associates.  We believe we have moral and ethical duty to the treatment of staff.  Our business is transparent.  We believe in corporate and social responsibility in the highest regard.  We strive for self-care, wellbeing, and the promotion thereof.